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About Us

Our Staff

Our staff has endeavored to assemble our shop so we can make auto repair and upkeep more advantageous, more affordable and friendlier for you. You can see our commitment when you come into our shop. We have the cleanest bathrooms, are well organized , offer late night and early drop offs, online appointments(call now),comfortable waiting rooms, and most of all, truly helpful and friendly people throughout our location.

Just like you, we use our vehicles everyday to get back and forth to work, take the kids to school, trips to the store and so on. Without them our lives would become instantly more complicated than they already are. With all of these things in mind, it’s imperative that your car, truck or van stay in its top running condition. This is where proper maintenance and repair are essential to maintaining the way our lives operate. Our mechanics are certified in every area of your vehicle and we pride ourselves in doing the job right, while creating a long lasting relationship with our customers.